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Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is a great way for you to earn money selling our top-quality 3d screensavers. Here is some info to explain what we can offer:

High commission, flexible rates.

For each sale you generate, you earn at least 35% of the total sale amount. Commission increases with your performance! The higher the sales volume, the larger is your commission rate.

Astro Gemini Screensavers are very popular.

We offer premium quality 3D screensavers covering a wide variety of the most popular themes to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding fans with very solid conversion ratios from free demo downloads to sales.

Quick support, promotional materials.

You can grab all the basic marketing materials (screenshots, descriptions, product features and system requirements) straight from our site but we will also be glad to provide any additional promotional materials like banners, flash or animated .gif thumbnails, etc. that you may find useful. Any questions or concerns you may have regarding our affiliate program will be addressed promptly. Please feel free to contact us any time!

How to start

Our affiliate program is implemented by our reputable e-commerce partner - RegNow.com – A Digital River Company. They take care of all the billing, tracking and credit correct amounts into the respective accounts. You get access to real-time stats via a control panel that makes everything extremely transparent. There are no hidden costs, the sign-up is free and simple.

Please register as Astro Gemini's affiliate partner with RegNow here.

Upon successful registration with Regnow you'll receive an email message containing your affiliate ID (usually a five or six digits number) and password. You will use this ID and password to log into your administration section where you may control your sales and set up payment options.

There are three ways to earn money as our affiliate.

  1. Link to our homepage and use cookies to track users. In this case you will earn your commission even if users buy our screensavers in the future directly from our site. You will be able to monitor the sales status online via RegNow.com services.
  2. Generate special sell links with your affiliate ID. When your visitors order screensavers through these links you earn your commission. However, if the user decides to download the free demo to evaluate the screensaver first and orders it from within the product, there will be no tracking and a commission will not be credited. That is why we recommend also using a cookie for the free demo download link as described above.
  3. Get custom builds with affiliate tracking from us and place them in high traffic areas of your site. A custom build is a downloadable version of the screensaver where all the links include your affiliate ID and contain absolutely no links to our site. Under this model, you take on the hosting of the custom builds and offer direct downloads from your site.

If you are interested in this form of partnership with Astro Gemini and have already registered as our affiliate with RegNow, please send us an e-mail at affiliates@astrogemini.com.

For any questions, suggestions or enquiries please feel free to contact us.

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